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About Mark Birnbaum

Mark Birnbaum – EMM Group

Mark Birnbaum, hospitality mogul and Partner in EMM Group, one of New York’s most successful hospitality, lifestyle and management companies since 2006, began his career in nightlife and special events as a promotions director in 1998, where he launched and managed a 22,000 sq. ft. mega-club in the heart of Ithaca, NY. In 2002, Birnbaum formed the nightlife consulting company Operative Inc., to open Lobby Nightclub, a chic midtown Manhattan nightclub. Lobby’s launch in 2003 was considered to be among the most successful in nightlife history and Birnbaum was later hired to open and oversee the marketing, public relations, promotions and events for AER Lounge. Shortly after its opening, AER reached an unprecedented level of success resulting in Conde Nast Traveler naming it one of the top nightclub venues in the world, and #1 in Manhattan. Having achieved success by creating the perfect blend between nightlife, operations, hospitality and business, Mark Birnbaum continues to develop the elements that sets EMM Group’s business model apart, striving to refine and heighten the industry on all fronts.

In early 2013, Birnbaum is taking the CATCH concept and heading to the Miami market, opening a second location of the widely popular seafood restaurant in South Beach at the James Royal Palm. Also opening is a Miami outpost of SL at the hotel – SL Miami – that will be sure to attract the same stars and revelers that frequent EMM Group’s New York venues.


Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum along with business entrepreneur Michael Hirtenstein founded EMM Group, one of New York’s most successful hospitality, lifestyle, and management companies, in 2006. Since that time the partners have built a solid reputation as leaders in the industry, organizing several hundred events and developing the company into a multi-faceted hub for successful venue ownership and execution. EMM Group specializes in restaurant and nightlife operations, marketing and event production, celebrity procurement and lifestyle management. Building on the success of their first nightlife venture Tenjune, a celebrity haunt location in the heart of the Meatpacking District, EMM Group’s business portfolio continues to expand with the creation of new trend-setting hospitality and lifestyle ventures.

In 2007, EMM Group purchased The EMM Group Estate, a privately-owned property in the Hamptons that plays home to the most exclusive events during the summer season, and launched Four Hundred, a members-only, lifestyle management service. In April 2009, they expanded themselves into the hotel-lounge industry with the opening of The Chandelier Room at the W Hoboken Hotel.

During Fashion Week in Fall 2009, EMM Group unveiled the latest additions to its burgeoning portfolio with the opening of its first restaurant, Abe & Arthur’s, and a neighboring boutique nightclub, SL, on West 14th Street. With EMM Group’s corporate office located next door and their nightlife flagship Tenjune holding court two streets south, these additions only cement the group’s stronghold on the Meatpacking district. In an ever-changing industry in a highly competitive climate, EMM Group continues to demonstrate forward thinking, while staying true to their founding principles of superior services, thoughtful execution and exceptional management.

In the summer of 2012, EMM Group partnered into HQ Nightclub and The Social at Revel in Atlantic City. EMM Group also owns The Estate, a privately owned property in Sag Harbor for events, and launched Four Hundred, a members-only lifestyle management service.

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