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Mark Birnbaum–New York – The dream destination of every party lover

May 13, 2014

The city of New York never sleeps, and is the center of attraction for a host of fabulous places to party and enjoy. Manhattan is especially known for being lauded with a rich and thriving nightlife, and many hospitality venues.

People from around the globe fantasize about experiencing New York City’s social life, which is definitely the hottest place on earth, when it comes to hospitality. The place is a heaven, popular for its fabulousness and magnificence. The style and glamour quotient of the city is heightened by the presence of high profile celebrities, and the exclusivity of its nightclubs.

Through the decades, New York has successfully been able to maintain and preserve its reputation for being at the pinnacle of greatness, and for being a place for elite nightlife. Coming to New York City, and soak in its hot nightlife and chic style, is nothing less a dream come true, for people from all over the world.

The city is a place that inspires the rest of the world, with its set standards in the hospitality industry, which other cities try to live up to.

Personalities like Mark Birnbaum are the reason why New York enjoys this status. Mark Birnbaum is the name behind the success of many of the hottest restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and lounges across this city.

The fact that Forbes Magazine called him one of the kings of NY’s nightlife explains his stature in this arena.




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